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Five generations of respect and work has earned the McGrath family of Round Rock Ranching near Vermilion the 2014 Environmental Stewardship Award from the Alberta Beef Producers.

Sean McGrath says working with nature has resulted in a good return for their operation.

“As we work with nature our margins get better we don’t have to run so many cows to make a living, as well as we work with nature, our productivity goes up so we can actually run more cows on the same land-base, so it really has been a win-win,” said McGrath.

McGrath says some of their good ideas have been borrowed from others around the industry, while the rest have been passed down through the generations.

“I think a lot of it just has been previous generations wanting to give a lot of reign to the younger folks at an younger age so they can try things and do different things and then we all take a common mindset to it, so as technology comes along and meets up and meets up with our curiosity 50 per cent of half of our good ideas work a third of the time.”

Now McGrath hopes he can pass along what he has learned to his kids so they can take those lessons into whatever line of work they decide to get in when they grow up.

“When they want to go in the front seat of the truck and go look at stuff.  It’s kinda nice to take them along and explain what you are looking at.”