Spreading out the workload, while keeping everything organized on a farm operation can be difficult.

Keeping straight how much manure you should be applying to a piece of land is critical for optimal for soil health and in turn crop production.

This is why Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Alberta Milk, Alberta Beef Producers, Alberta Pork, Intensive Livestock Working Group and the Natural Resources Conservation Board came together to create the ManureTracker app to help producers.

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The Alberta based app has a number of features including, manure production, application and transfers, as well as nutrient and soil tests, weather data and field and manure storage identification.

The app utilizes GPS to help locate field and manure storage locations, lets you make custom notes and identify any necessary setbacks.

A really cool feature about the app, is its ability to record the weather data around the time you apply the manure.

ManureTracker allows you to add employees, send a request to your custom manure applicator and access records for a discussion with your agronomist.

The app was created through funding from Growing Forward 2.

It is available for download from Google Play for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS.

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