Calgary (Rural Roots Canada) – The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency has changed the way it distributes cattle tags, turning to an in-house system.

Under the old system, the CCIA farmed out that portion of its business to a third party. That third party would purchase tags directly from manufacturers, bring them to their own warehouse, and sell them for the organization.

Last year, the CCIA board decided it should cut out the middle man and find its own building with a warehouse included.

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Anne Brunet-Burgess, General Manager of the CCIA, says it just made sense from a customer service standpoint to bring it in-house.

“We took matters into our own hands and brought it home. We launched our own distribution center in July and started sending tags across the country right out of our back door,” she says.

Since taking over tag distribution in July, Brunet-Burgess says things have been going smoothly.

“We’re excited! We’re so thankful to our board of directors for endorsing and supporting our vision. Hopefully, producers will see a difference and continue to our tags from us.”

The CCIA ships out 3.3 million tags annually and processes between five and 20 orders daily.