(The Diversity Imperative Podcast) – In episode 7, we’re joined by Dr. Terri Cooper, Principal and Vice Chair of External Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Deloitte to discuss her article “The inclusion imperative for boards”.

Dr. Cooper also walked us through the 6 traits of inclusive leadership that she’s worked to develop; some bonus content! The agriculture sector has so many boards of directors, responsible for many important decisions, so no surprise that this article was at the top of our summer reading list.

We also welcomed back our podcast partner Dan Wright, Head of Seeds with Syngenta Canada to discuss some key moments for him from Season 1 of the Diversity Imperative podcast and he stuck around to join us for our conversation with Dr. Cooper too. Enjoy!

You can find “The inclusion imperative for boards” here: https://diversityimperative.ca/episodes/

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