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The UFA Cattle Trail at the Calgary Stampede is a highly interactive showcase of the cattle industry.

Virgil Lowe is with the Stampede’s Beef Cattle Committee, who put on The Cattle Trail.

“We bring hundreds over different people, tens of different sponsors to talk about the Alberta beef industry and share it with hundreds of thousands of guests here at the Calgary Stampede,”  said Lowe.

Cow-calf producer Brad Osadczuk from Jenner, Alberta, who is with the Alberta Beef Producers, says they are thankful for this opportunity to talk to consumers.

“For allowing us to set-up at Stampede and connect with the consumers as producers get the word out, find out what people’s thoughts are and concerns,” said Osadczuk.  “Get the message out and answer any questions consumers have about our product.”

Abe van Melle with the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence says he likes to help educate consumers about the beef.

“To actually understand the beef products better on how they are cooked, all the different cuts that can be processed from the different animals that we are using for food in Canada,” said van Melle.

The UFA Cattle Trail was once again a big hit for so many of the Stampede’s many guests from around the world.

“I’m Joel Dawson from Queensland Australia,  I work in the auction industry in Australia,” said Dawson.   “I just been here today at the UFA Cattle Trail, it’s a very informative, hands-on experience, it’s very good and I enjoyed it immensely.”

Lowe says it wouldn’t be possible without the sponsors.

“The UFA Cattle Trail is a collaboration between many different beef industry organizations and hundreds of volunteers that showcases the Alberta beef industry at the Calgary Stampede every year throughout the 10 days.”