In every community across the country you can find leaders…  Leaders of business… politics and volunteering just to name a few.   In Strathmore, Alberta you can find a leader in Farm Safety.

Gayle Sell is a Public Health Nurse with Alberta Health Services who decided one day she needed to take an active role in helping prevent farm accidents.

“We still have a lot of deaths and injuries that do happen because of farm safety, not being a safe for them and I think it is just an awareness that people need to have of why we bring things programs and what it is we can change so that we can prevent this from happening,” says Sell.

Sell takes great pride in the work they do for kids in schools and in the community, which includes 13 Hutterite farms in Wheatland County.

“At the end of the day they’re excited for what they have learned they go home, they can tell their parents which is really important for us because when they take that message home to the parents and those parents have to look at what are they doing to promote farm safety and are they doing things that we are bringing to the students to teach them.”

Sell says the support they have received from the community, Progressive Agriculture and Agriculture For Life makes this all possible.