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Cattle ranchers sure showed some love at Soderglen Ranches 2015 Select Bull Sale, northwest of Airdrie on Valentine’s Day.

One of the owners of the ranch, Stan Grad, tells Rural Roots Canada they set records as it was one of their best sales ever.

“This is our 20th year and a sale of this significance this will be our biggest year and we’re selling roughly 250 at the sale, might be a few less than that, and we’ll probably see another 150 over the next 60 days,” said Grad.

Seed Stock – Cow Herd Manager Jared Sherman says they were shocked with how much the attendance was up, which allowed for them to set records in sale numbers.

“Sale numbers were overwhelming, today we sold roughly 240 bulls, we were up in average quite a bit over last year so we had a very, very good day today,” said Sherman.


The master of tongue twisters at work @soderglen Ranches Select Bull Sale.

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 Sherman adds that his hat goes off to the commercial calf sector, which is doing such a great job right now, which has resulted in a very optimistic industry.    “The commodity prices, where our cow-calf sector is, where the feedlot is, the slaughter value of these cattle, where the salvage value is in cull bulls and cull cows but most of all it is the optimism and the foundation of the cow-calf industry right now is just so solid and there’s so much optimism and people are making a living in this thing and it’s great.” Sherman added that they were up big time in terms of registered bidders on-line, in one case they sold a bull to a ranch in Quebec. Grad says buyers are very ‘bullish’ right now. “Of course calf prices have brought records over the past few months and that gives everyone really good optimism.  This is really the cattlemen’s turn at the table to be honest with you, so we’re pleased for our customers and ourselves of course.  I think we got a few good years out of it,” said Grad. Sherman says the sale is their big day of the year as it sets a lot of value going forward, however there is a lot of work to be done in the next 60 days as they fill orders.    

Catching the bids left, right and centre @Soderglen Ranches 2015 Select Bull Sale. A video posted by Craig Lester (@ruralrootscanada) on