Cattle producers and industry stakeholders will be gathering in Calgary next week to talk about the latest and greatest in the beef industry.
The theme of this year’s conference, which runs from August 13 to 15 is ‘Securing our Future.’

The Chair of this year’s conference is Alberta cattle producer Ryan Kasko.

He says there are two great keynote speakers this year.

“Our opening keynote speaker is Dr. Timothy Caulfield and people may have seen his program on Netflix called the user guides to cheat death,” says Kasko adding, “he’s a great speaker – debunks a lot of myths around nutrition and fitness, things that celebrities endorse without any scientific backing.”

Kasko says the other keynote speaker with be Karl Subban, who is the father of NHL players, P.K, Malcolm and Jordan.

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There will be a free day for producers and 4-Hers on Thursday afternoon.

“We are going to have a cattle handling demonstration sponsored by Merck and we’ll be discussing different ways of designing your facilities to accommodate low-stress handling as well we are having a tech talk we’ve invited four different companies that are going to showcase their latest technology in the beef industry.”

Kasko says the conference will be book-ended by some pretty great tours.

“Starting on Monday we have a tour of a number of Alberta ranches near Calgary including the ranch that was recently donated to the University of Calgary (W.A. Ranches), so that will be exciting as well as Coulee Crest Farm, which was the 2019 winner of the Alberta Beef Producer’s Environmental Stewardship Award, that day we’re also touring Ballco Feeders, which is a cattle feedlot near Brant, Alberta. They have a branded beef program called Brant Lake Wagyu and there are a couple of Calgary restaurants that serve that.”

On Friday, there will be a post-conference ‘Farm to Glass tour’ showcasing how barley is made into beer.

For more information on the conference agenda, tours and demonstrations as well as to register click here.

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