There is a new hotline to provide informed and compassionate support for farmers dealing with a serious incident on the farm.

Jody Wacowich is the Executive Director of AgSafe Alberta.

She says the line is there to help farmers manage a serious incident.

“If a farm or ranch has an OH&S officer coming out for an incident and in turn an investigation they’re more than welcome to call this number and get some support from one of our AgSafe employees, who can help them understand the process and what is required of them and what is being asked of them from the OH&S perspective,” says Wacowich.

Wacowich says there has been a lot of changes with the farm safety legislation and they are there to help.

“We’re there to support those guys who are certainly having the stress and perhaps some grieving from what may have happened on farm and our ability to help them walk through and understand what an OH&S demand letter is and how to meet the requirements of that letter.  If there’s been a stop work order, how do we get that lifted so that we can get things going, so that animals can get fed or crops can get taken off the field or put into the field.”

The number, which is available 24-7, year-round, is 1-833-9AG-SAFE.

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“The key thing that we wanted people to be aware of it is confidential, we don’t share your information with the government, We’re there to be your sounding board and answer your questions and help direct you in what you need to provide or report to OH&S.”

The hotline is free to producers as is advice given or visits conducted as a result of an incident.

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