Representatives from Agricultural Service Boards across Alberta converged on Banff last week to discuss issues, network and celebrate 75 years.

Sebastien Dutrisac, the President of the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen says the fact they can all come together and celebrate 75 years is amazing.

“So having an opportunity to have all 69 municipalities sit down and not only listening to the speakers but to have that ability network cause we’re all facing the same concerns and issues in the next couple of years,” Dutrisac said.

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“If we can actually brainstorm and look for solutions and instead of reinventing the wheel, share those wheels, I think we will all be better off.”

The fieldmen from Northern Sunrise County says this conference stands out because agricultural service boards have been around for 75-years.

“Because 75 years ago someone actually figured out that it is better to have local solutions for local problems because we all prefer driving the bus, instead of being run over by the bus.”

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He says the biggest issue that everyone is facing right has to do with budgets.

“So, how do we do things that are better, faster and cheaper? It’s nice actually just to go cheap, but if you are not careful then it is not going to be perfect and it might not be fast so we need to keep with our services, our service levels, and service expectations from our residents and our producers.”

He adds they need to do it smart and fast.

“When we are dealing with invasive species they don’t wait for legislation, they don’t wait for economic stabilization.”   

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