Participants of this year’s Prairie Cereals Summit in Banff were treated to a speech from this year’s winner of the Advancing Ag essay program.

Isabelle Thibout spoke about the restrictions of atrazine in corn in the east and how it has implications for western Canada.

The Solutions Centre Specialist for Corteva Agri-Science has been in Canada four years after moving here from France.

Thibout says she was very happy to speak at the conference.

“I find it to be an honour to be here with the Advancing Ag program,” says Thibout. “I was very happy to present on a topic that I am very passionate about and I found that people had to learn more about it.”

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Thibout’s essay was about the restrictions of atrazine in corn

“My theme was on agriculture policy applied to the cropping sector, so I developed the example of the active ingredient atrazine that is now restricted in the east in corn and how this restriction can have implications in western Canada.”

Thibout says she has learned a great deal from the program.

“It is a great mentorship program, it is focused on whatever the mentee wants to learn. I wanted to learn more about marketing-communications, so I was paired with Ben Graham who is the President of AdFarm, a great marketing – communications firm in the agriculture industry.

Thibout says the experience has allowed her to learn more about communication and marketing applied to agriculture.

Advancing Ag pairs industry leaders with young farmers and agriculture professionals to impart their knowledge and experience and facilitate key potential learning and training opportunities.

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