March 14, 2020 (Calgary, AB) – Due to the current environment of concern and caution, the team at Alberta Farm Animal Care is trying something different – morphing their annual networking conference – the Livestock Care Conference – into a virtual speaking series. The LCC 2.0 will take place on Thursday, March 19th, the original date of the Livestock Care Conference.

“We recognize the value of keeping producers and other industry stakeholders healthy and safe during this situation. However, we still want to share the expertise we brought together for the LCC this year. This seemed an ideal opportunity to live this year’s theme and “Raise the Bar” by looking for other ways to go forward,” said Annemarie Pedersen, executive director, Alberta Farm Animal Care.

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Not everything translates to virtual, however. The events planned for Wednesday, March 18 will be postponed until it is possible to bring people together again. “The Tools for Difficult Encounters workshop and student mentorship program Meet the Experts are driven by interactions between participants, and there is no substitute for that experience. We will run those events when it is possible to bring people together again,” said Pedersen.

The plan as of Saturday, March 14 is to run the speaking series between the hours of 9am – 5pm Thursday, March 19, 2020. LCC 2.0 will consist of hour-long presentations, with breaks and announcements planned throughout. The Continuing Education credits available for the live conference should still be available for the speaking series.

More details will be shared with conference registrants and the public as they are available over the next few days. Access to LCC 2.0 will not require any special programs and will be compatible with most operating systems and devices.

Please see the LCC webpage for the most current information.



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