Alberta Milk says a new industry initiative called “Pro-Action” is to identify and articulate its commitment to honour its social licence as producers of food.

Mike Slomp, Manager of Industry and Member Serviced at Alberta Milk tells Rural Roots Canada, when it is complete, Pro-Action will show the industry’s commitment to many on farm standards including Milk Quality, food safety, bio-security, traceabilty, animal care and the environment.

We’ve learned that consumers want to know more and more about the food they eat,” said Slomp.  “So they are very interested in knowing about the attributes the milk and dairy products that they are consuming. The dairy industry has responded we need to demonstrate to consumers that we responsibly care for animals and the environment while we produce food that is very nutritious and safe and pro-action is really is a series of on the farm programs that will ensure consumers that we do exactly that.”

Slomp says the development of pro-action will take 7 to 8 years, to fully complete, but once done it will include an animal care assessment model.

So the idea is that we’ll have third-party validators go on to farms and they will confirm the condition of the cattle and when there is opportunity for improvement that person will work with the producer to say okay we’ve identified these  issues we have so many days to resolve it.”

Slomp says it is their hope when it is done they will have a little blue cow on product, which reassures it is Canadian and it meets all the standards of Pro-Action.