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The Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre in Winnipeg has been given a hand by the Federal Government in its effort to push Canada’s global competitiveness in selling malting barley or malt.

Ottawa has given the organization $1,950,000 to support its market development in existing or new growth markets.

The money will be used to provide technical training and problem-solving to stakeholders, ensuring new varieties meet international customers’ needs, and providing direct sales support to international customers.

The brewing industry provides over 160,000 jobs and drives $14-billion in value-added activity.

In a statement, CMBTC Managing Director and Director of Brewing Peter Watts says this will help them grow and maintain a competitive edge.

“Canada’s malting barley industry is a global leader for the value-added services that we provide. The funding for this project will help provide technical support to maintain existing market share and generate growth in expanding markets,” said Watts.

Canada is the world’s third largest exporter of malt and supplies 20 per cent of the global malting barley market.