Introducing: Erin Leduc, Wanna Make It Farm, Moose Creek, Ontario — Erin helps manage the marketing and sales side of Wanna Make It Farm, a cash crop farm in Moose Creek, Ontario which buys and sells grain, sells Mycrogen seed corn and offers trucking and land clearing services. For an indepth look at their services:   Erin is attending her first Advancing Women Conference and is sharing her experience.

Taking time off from work is never easy, taking time away from work during harvest is usually not even a consideration.

And while it was hard to get away from what I do everyday, I had committed to attending the Advancing Women Conference.

Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better reason to leave work at this time of year either.

The idea of being in a room full of women to discuss Ag, is not only so foreign but almost intimidating considering how little I interact with women on a daily basis.

As the day progressed, and friendships start forming I am in awe, relieved and identifying with an entire group of women that are being so open and honest about their paths.

Removing ideas like balancing work & life from our mind and integrating them into one. Embracing all of the things that fulfill us and not neglecting who we are to accommodate all the things we need.

Acknowledging our fears and being that solution in those moments of crisis because they just might be our next great opportunity, and above all continuing to work hard and creating our “luck” by earning it each step of the way.

Looking forward to what Day 2 will bring.