One of the workshop presenters at this year’s Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in Calgary is Gail Schafer from Global Ag Risk Solutions.

Schafer says the session is titled a Seat at the Table.

“I think one of the hold-backs for women in participating more actively in a leadership role is knowing how to access it, because traditionally we don’t think of things the same way, we don’t necessarily pull up a chair and participate in the same way that other folks do,” says Schafer.

“It gives some insight into how women can prepare themselves as well as some tools they can use in making their voice heard and making themself comfortable with the content they are bringing as well as the way they approach having those conversations.”


Advancing Women in Agriculture Day 2 Wrap

Advancing Women in Agriculture West Conference Day 1

Schafer says it is meant for women who want to take a more active leadership role on the farm and in the industry.

”So if you are a farm woman and you want to step into the conversations on the financial and management side of the farm or if you are in the industry it will be to talk about where to enter those conversations, how to take part a little bit more on making their voice heard.”

Schafer says she has found the pre-conference workshops at the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference to be very interactive.

“They are a really good precursor to the event, every one that we have done has had 50 – 100 people attend, the questions have been spectacular and people feel very comfortable asking questions and participating in the pre-sessions.”

The conference is taking place March 11 and 12 at the Hyatt Regency.

Rural Roots Canada is a proud sponsor of the Advancing Women in Ag Conference.





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