Tokyo (Rural Roots Canada) – There are over 39 million people living in Tokyo. At its heart, a farm with a mission to connect with consumers.

Masanori Isonuma, a dairy farmer who farms in the middle of the biggest city on the planet.

Speaking through translator and local ag journalist Masaru Yamada, he talks with excitement and experience about the farm his family has maintained despite commercial and residential pressures from all sides for 350 years.

For him, it is very much important to just keep going. As 14th generation here. In order to keep going, he thinks that cooperation among community people and city people is vital to survive in this area.”


The 70 year old took over the farm at age 40from his father and immediately made changes by making it accessible to the public. A walking trail that leads to a commuter train goes right through the middle of the farm.

He cooperates with the local community. In order to do that, he had an educational farming and daily products to make high end products, to make profit.

Isonuma is also an innovator, making sure every part of his farm is connected to consumers in one way or another. For example, he uses coffee grounds as part of his bedding, and then takes manure with the coffee grounds and makes compost for sale. He also feeds his dairy cows a mix of fruit and vegetables that would normally be throwing out by a nearby produce processor.

Every morning he gets that fruit salad almost free of charge to get and feed their cows.

The cherry on top, Isonuma has opened a restaurant on a neighboring property that not only sells his dairy products, but also products from other farms. To hear the full amazing conversation, go to Rural Roots Canada. Com.

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