Saskatoon (Rural Roots Canada) – The Canadian Beef Industry Conference will be held in Saskatoon next year.

The annual event will take place the week of August 19, 2024.

Dr. Scott Wilson, who is Chair of the 2024 conference, says they are excited to be bringing the conference to Saskatchewan.

“It is the ultimate meeting place,” says Wilson, adding, “it’s the meeting place for practical production, boots on the ground, recognizing an opportunity for learning and building from there. It’s the meeting place for CCA.”

Wilson says it’s a place where the higher-level concerns and issues around the industry really come to bear.

“It’s where the young leaders groups come and work from. And it really is the place to connect the dots all the way across and across coast to coast to coast.”

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2023 Canadian Beef Industry Conference Wrap

This announcement comes on the heels of the 2023 conference in Calgary, which was held in mid-August.

Wilson is calling it one of the best conferences they’ve seen yet, touting the 600 registrants who were in attendance seemed pleased with the meetings, program and activities that took place during the event.

He says the organizing committee was happy they were able to deliver on three key goals.

“We wanted to make sure that they were meeting new people, they were learning new things, and they were enjoying in the process.”

Wilson says it all came together extremely well and was pleased with stock dog demonstrations and the hands-on boot camp that took place on the final day.

He says people who attend next year’s Canadian Beef Industry Conference in Saskatoon can expect much of the same.

“Make sure you’re there. It will be an exceptional conference.”

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