The Canadian Beef Industry Conference has wrapped up after a week of tours, sessions, inspirational keynote speakers, and massive networking as cattle producers from across the country came together.

Chair Ryan Kasko says this conference continues to build momentum year after year and the latest event was another example of that.

“This is my second year being a part of it, but I have attended all four conferences and I really liked it from the start,” said Kasko adding, “my feeling was it was well organized at the beginning and I was impressed with how much they can get done.”

“I think we have really tried to continue that momentum through to Calgary and next year will be in Penticton and so we are going to work hard to make sure that carry that one along as well.”

Kasko says there was no shortage of selection when it came to sessions.

“We don’t want people to miss things, but at the same time, we want to cram in as much as possible. We realize that people are going to have to make choices and we want them all to be good choices and that’s our goal.”

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BCRC: Canadian Beef Industry Conference 2019

A thought echoed by many in attendance was the large number of youth that came out to the event, Kasko says it was fantastic to see the next generation show up in force.

“The Cattlemen’s Young leader program holds their graduation here, so we do attract a lot of the CYL people, the young cattlemen’s council hosts some meetings here so we get a lot of young people.

He adds there’s a poster competition that attracted a number of university students.

“It brings some life to the conference and I think it shows the older generation that there’s this great group of people coming behind us so, I think it is excellent.”

He adds that the conference also hosted a lot of meetings for a lot of partner organizations.

“We actually host a lot of important industry meetings for the partner organizations like the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Canada Beef, Cattle Beef Research Council, Canadian Beef Breed Council and the National Cattle Feeders’ Association all host meetings to show off what they are doing in this industry for the producers and what’s going on in our national organization.”

He says it was once again a great chance to sit in on different meetings and hear what they are talking about.

The next conference is set for August 11 to 13 next year in Penticton, B.C.



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