Leader of the pack.
Leader of the pack.

The cars have been primed, shined and polished and now they’re ready for the Jack Anderson Charity Auction for Olds College’s Centennial is just a few days away.

The auction is possible because of Jack Anderson who is donating over 100 vintage cars and trucks.

Project Manager from Olds College Charllotte Adkens – Weiler tells Rural Roots Canada the cars were all moved to Airdrie by volunteers in November and that’s when work on them started.

“Every Tuesday and Wednesday we had students come out from Olds College and they cleaned these cars, they even put a coat of polish on most of them,” says Adkens – Weiler. “And I’m sure there were ladies that had never done that before because they were taking photos and sending them home to Dad going ‘Dad look at what I can do!’  And then after Christmas, every Saturday our volunteers came out from the various car clubs, some of the dealerships sent mechanics to get the cars running.”


Weiler says the work resulted in more than just 100 vehicles being ready for auction; it resulted in everyone becoming a part of Jack’s family.

“Every Saturday we had 35 to 40 volunteers come out, so he has got a lot of new children.”

As for Jack’s favourite, Adken’s Weiler says he only ever had one reply.

“I always asked, what is your favourite vehicle?  And you know what he says to me?  The one I’m working on right now.”

The proceeds will go to the Olds College Centennial Entrepreneurial Legacy Fund.

The auction takes place at Cow Palace in Olds on Sunday at 10 a.m.

To get in on the bidding go to the Olds College J.C. (Jack) Anderson Charity Auction website: http://100.oldscollege.ca/jc-bidders.  Bidding can take place in person, online or over the phone.


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