2013 will be the year organizers, workers and volunteers overcame a devastating flood two weeks before the Stampede to put on the annual Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

And while some events had to be cancelled because the Saddledome is not ready to host any events, there will be no shortage of things to take in.

Calgary Stampede Agriculture Manager Leah Jones tells Rural Roots Canada the Ag Facilities were largely spared from the flood waters.

 “Of course we thought the worst when we saw pictures of most of the park under water.  But in terms of our agriculture facilities and our Big Top Tent where most of our events are held, they were only touched minimally. So we were quite excited to see there was very little damage to our agriculture tents where we hold a lot of our competitions,” says Jones.

Jones says it still took a large number of people to get everything ready for Day 1 of the Stampede.

“A ton of people both staff, contractors, volunteers and the community pulled together to make this happen.”

She says it was incredible what some workers and volunteers did to make it all happen.

“A lot of the people who were helping suffered flooding of their own personal properties. So to be able to manage what they had going on, as well as coming down here and giving their time was incredible.  The passion and love for the Stampede is incredible. It’s just been an incredible experience.”

For complete listing of the events going on at the Stampede click here.

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