Stavely (Rural Roots Canada) – Stavely, Alberta’s Cudlobe Angus is the first Canadian farm to join Certified Angus Beef’s new Ranch to Table program.

Certified Angus Beef’s new initiative will allow Angus farmers and ranchers the option to market their beef directly to consumers as a CAB product.

Cudlobe Angus’ Kaitlynn Bolduc says they are in the final stages of getting the program off the ground on their farm.

“We’re really excited and honoured that Certified Angus Beef has chosen us to be the first in Canada. It’s taking us some time to figure out how to roll this out as we are the first, but we’re really, really excited to be providing this to the wider range,” says Bolduc.

When it is up and running, they hope to build on their connection with their consumers.

“Certified Angus Beef went about wanting a way to connect that person that raises high-quality Angus beef and is selling it to their local stores or selling it off the farm or has a little meat business,” says Bolduc.

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Ranch to TableShe says through COVID, they really saw those businesses explode as more and more people wanted to know where their meat was coming from, prompting them to start their own beef business.

“They want to know more about it, and they want to know the family behind it. I think that’s a big gap with our food industry is that our customers, ultimately, our end consumers, don’t have that connection to the farm and so by starting up this meat business, we’re providing that connection back with them. They know who we are. I think that’s Certified Angus Beef’s goal, too.”

With the Ranch to Table program, licensed producers are responsible for working with a processor and CBGA grader to verify that brand specifications are met. A marketing plan is required for the application process, but upon being licensed, producers will have access to a tool kit and marketing resources to use in leveraging the brand’s quality.

Bolduc says the program was a natural fit as they were already meeting the requirements of what Certified Angus Beef requires for their ranch-to-table program.

Having someone else tell consumers their product’s story is a big boost to them.

“It’s actually getting inspected by an inspector and meeting all these requirements. It’s not us. It’s a third party stamping these cattle as Certified Angus Beef Ranch to Table. I think it’s just that extra step of verification.”

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The Bolducs see a path to grow their meat business with the program.

“Currently, we’re just in a few storefronts here locally; obviously, the dream would be to grow that. I think with the requirements and the verification with Ranch to Table, it gives us that opportunity to, well, to ask what’s next for Cudlobe? What’s next for our meat business?”

It’s no secret, Bolduc is a big proponent of the program and encourages other Angus producers to join the Ranch to Table program.

To participate in the Ranch to Table program, a producer’s cattle supply must incorporate registered Angus genetics, which may require Canadian Angus Association or American Angus Association® active membership or proof of bull registrations. Producers must be Verified Beef Production Plus certified or maintain an equivalent animal care program certification.