(Rural Roots Canada) – Students pursuing a career in agriculture have an opportunity to apply for a scholarship to help them financially through the Canadian Agribusiness Education Foundation (CABEF).

The foundation’s Chair Jenn Norrie says the deadline for applications is coming up on April 30.

“CABEF awards seven $2500 pathways to agrifood scholarships to Canadian students who are entering or are currently pursuing an agriculture-related program full time at a Canadian college, university, or apprentice trade institution,” Norrie said.

These scholarships are provided through generous donations from agribusiness and people involved in the ag food industry.”

Information on how to apply can be found by clicking here.

Norrie says they have changed the question they ask as part of the application this year.

“It’s name a challenge that you think agriculture can help solve. How will your future career in agriculture allow you to play a role in solving that challenge?”

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She says they have seen a lot of great applications since it started in 2013.

“It’s like every year they get better and better.”

A couple of years ago CABEF introduced the opportunity for students to submit videos instead of an essay.

“I think students write a lot of papers and that’s what it was for, for quite a few years, was an essay application. But it’s been really interesting the past couple of years to see the students take the video opportunities.”


Norrie says they have had a lot of great students provide some interesting perspectives, on what their career could look like, which has been very refreshing.

There will be winners selected from across the country.

  • 1 From B.C. and the Territories
  • 1 From Alberta
  • 1 From Saskatchewan
  • 1 From Manitoba
  • 1 From Ontario
  • 1 From Quebec
  • 1 From Atlantic provinces


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