Alberta (Rural Roots Canada) – Drought relief is on the way for livestock producers who have been hard hit by the drought from the provincial and federal governments.

Agriculture Minister Devin Dreeshan breaks down what that support looks like for each livestock producer.

“It will be an initial $94 that will go out per head immediately and then if approved the federal government funding, there will be $106 final payment that goes out at the end of the year for our livestock sectors,” Dreeshan said.

He added that it is exciting relief for the livestock industry to make sure they can feed their animals.

“They won’t have to face a choice of depleting their herds which would have economic consequences to the province of Alberta.”

The amount paid out for other livestock will be done on a sliding scale.

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Environment Minister Jason Nixon says they have also expanded access to grazing land.

“Effective immediately the Ministry of Environment and Parks will be accepting subletting applications on grazing dispositions across the province to be able to make sure that our grazers have access to public land where there is feed that can be utilized for livestock producers.”

For any grazer who is interested call 310 – FARM and the department will make sure we connect them with grazers across the province to make sure they get access to feed.

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Nixon says they have also made it easier for farmers to get water rights.

“I signed off on a program with Alberta Environment and Parks that will speed up water licenses and access to water for grazers and for producers for their livestock inside our province.”

Nixon says they have made it a regulation that Environment and Parks employees must respond to producers within three business days to help get access to that.

“You will be assigned a staff member who will walk through that process and help you find access to water.”

This announcement followed a separate relief announcement from the federal government which involved $100-million for producers in the provinces stretching from B.C. to Ontario.

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