Express Clydesdales, part of Express Ranches in Oklahoma, were once again the class of the Six Hitch Horse at the Calgary Stampede.

Team Handler and General Manager Josh Minshull tells Rural Roots Canada to be named World Champion in the Six Hitch Horse is incredible.

Minshull says it was a bit different showing in the Grandstand this year.

“Just because of where we were showing and it’s obviously early in the morning.  I mean normally we show mid-day or in the evening.  So, it was an early morning for us to prep, but it all paid off,” says Minshull.

The show is usually in the Saddledome, but had to be moved to the Grandstand and an 8:30 a.m. time slot on Monday after the flooding.  It’s the first time the show has been held in the Grandstand in decades.

Minshull says they bring the Clydesdales out to a number events during the course of the year.

“We do about 30 – 50 events a year, that would include rodeos and parades and a lot of different events for the Children’s Miracle Network and only about a half dozen competitions like we did today.”

He tells Rural Roots Canada a little bit about their operation down in Oklahoma.

“Our ranch in Oklahoma is about 6,000 acres, primarily a seed stock ranch for Angus cattle and we take up a small portion of it with 22 black Clydesdale geldings.”

The Clydesdales were on the grounds for the entire 10-day event interacting with the many people who came over to the Agriculture Barns and were also paraded out during the GMC Rangeland Derby.

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