(Rural Roots Canada) – Farm transition expert Elaine Froese encourages farm families to have courageous conversations.

In this podcast, Elaine and RRC’s Craig Lester talk about what is holding families back from having tough conversations about farm transition plans and the dangers of putting them off.

Using relatable examples from her family and farm businesses, Elaine talks about navigating farm transition and ensuring expectations are clearly communicated.

Do you have a farm transition question or situation you need help on? You can connect with Elaine and have your questions answered through the AGvisorPRO app: https://link-app.agvisorpro.com/froese-elaine


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From her website: Elaine Froese, CSP is a certified professional speaker, certified coach, and author.

She’s a go-to expert for farm families who want better communication and conflict resolution to secure a successful farm transition.

As a farmer and mother to the successor of their farm, she understands the culture of agriculture intimately.

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