A group of farmers will be receiving a special piece of mail in the coming weeks.

Sandra Leach from Bayer Crop Science tells Rural Roots Canada kids had the opportunity at their booth at Aggie Days in Calgary to fill out thank-you post cards to farmers across the country.

“They enjoy colouring and are excited to get the cards out, they want to know when they will go out.  It’s probably going to take a while to go through them and sort them out, but we’ll get them out probably in the next month I assume and mail them out. Farmers will start receiving them in the mail,” said Leach

In all, Leach says 2,000 farmers will receive postcards, all with a message of thanks from kids for the food on their plates.

“We just started brain storming and thinking about how we could basically involve more of the farmers and get kids in touch with farmers and what they do for them in terms of their meals and their food.  And the whole idea that we have so many people in the world today, what it is going to be like in the future. We seem to be losing people who want to farm every day.”

Leach says this is only the beginning for the ‘Thank the Farmer’ initiative.

“If we can expand this to something bigger and better we’re looking to do that because we have a big booth and a lot of big goals behind it for the kids.”

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