Urban kids received a dose of agriculture at another successful Aggie Days in Calgary.

Calgary Stampede Agriculture Education Committee Vice-Chair Leigh-Anna Barnes tells Rural Roots Canada the turnout was huge.

She adds the message went far beyond those who attended.

“We’ve had a lot of media hits this week and everyone has seen it on T.V. and has just been drawn to come down and see what it’s all about,” said Barnes.

She says it’s important to set the record straight for all the young kids.

“We’re bringing the farm to the city, were trying to educate urban folk about rural life.  And so then in turn, you know once they’re educated there’s more respect for farmers right?!   Once we get the message out there people you don’t go to Safeway to get a steak a farmer worked really hard to get you that steak, milk or eggs or whatever it is that you like.”

The event isn’t just about getting the message across to kids either citing an example of one man who had his first close encounter with a Clydesdale.

“Never seen a heavy horse and they came in yesterday and showed the min-horse and the big Clydesdale walked in.  He was flabbergasted, he couldn’t believe it.”

The event is put on by approximately 325 volunteers.

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