In this episode of the Growing the Future Podcast, Dan connects with Michelle Miller also known as The Farm Babe.

Michelle is known as Forbes top farmer to follow! She has made a name for herself as a dedicated myth-buster in the food industry who has influenced corporations as powerful as Burger King.

She is working hard to bring the real story of agriculture and food to the forefront of the headlines as seen in Business Insider, Vice, Forbes and many more.

She is passionate about advocating for agriculture and bridging the gap between consumers and producers by sharing the science and behind the scenes of farming.

She has stepped on stage among leading industry experts as one of the most well known voices in agriculture travelling over four continents.

You won’t want to miss this episode, as Michelle and Dan dive deep into the myths in mainstream media and agriculture.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
-How Michelle became an advocate for agriculture
-The moment she realized she was wrong about the food she eats
-How she got the name “The Farm Babe”
-How Michelle makes a living online
-How Michelle talks to her audience
-When Michelle’s career in speaking took off
-Michelle’s thoughts on public persecution and if she’s ever encountered it
-How humans got so off track with the truths of food and agriculture
-How celebrities support and effect agriculture
-World hunger versus food quality in the future
-Where Michelle gets her facts and information from
-The top three things Michelle has debunked in Agriculture
-Problems that agriculture is solving in the world currently
-The impacts Michelle has had on large corporations
-How corporation’s get so mislead in science
-Michelle’s end goal for agriculture and media
-Michelle’s journey to fame
-Michelle’s advice for reaching out to customers
-What is the next big thing for The Farm Babe
-Michelle’s final words to non farming folks

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