Tyson Food’s decision to stop buying slaughter ready Canadian cattle has sent shock-waves through the industry in the last week.

The third largest purchaser of Canadian cattle say the cost of adhering to the U-S’s Country of Origin Labelling rules is behind the decision.

George Graham one of the owners and operators of the family owned and run South Slope Feeders in Rainier, Alberta calls it disappointing, however he remains optimistic despite the decision, that the cattle market will remain strong.

“I think we are at an interesting stage in the beef cycle, in that, numbers on the continent continue to declining quite a bit that’s going supportive to relatively strong pricing,” says Graham.

Graham says we will probably see more cattle moved south to be raised as a result.

“Tyson’s plant in Pascal and Lexington are very important destinations for Canadian cattle and we’re going to have to fill that void with Canadian cattle.”

He says the important key for them moving forward is to make sure they have access to domestic packers at a pre-determined price.

He says this is not totally unexpected.

Graham says he would like to see the COOL law done away with, just like all of the other producers in the country as it does nothing for anybody on either side of the border.

George, his three brothers and his Mom own and operate the feedlot south-west of Brooks.

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