Youth from across the province put their best foot forward and their livestock’s at the Calgary Stampede in the International Livestock Show and UFA Steer Classic.

For Kathryn Dolliver, Kailey Wirsta, Chase Miller and so many of their peers, making an appearance at the Calgary Stampede with their project is not something that happens overnight.

In fact, Chase Miller from Cremona says the hard work starts long before they are in a show arena, with a large audience, which to learning life-long skills.

“Work ethic and dedication, it all goes hand in hand. If you don’t put in the time you are not going to end up on top,” says Miller.

Kailey Wirsta from Elk Point echoes those comments as she runs down the work she had to get her cow-calf project to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

 “Every day I’ve been getting up at 5:30 to go do chores; wash, rinse and soap them, then you always feed and then you have to make sure the stalls are clean,” says Wirsta.

Kathryn Dolliver from Stettler says her time in the program has resulted in her learning many skills.

“I’ve learned how to present my cattle to the best of my ability and all of the feeding and preparing and stuff that goes along with it,” says Dolliver.

What do all three have in common?  They hope to turn they learn and win in their programs into an education and career in agriculture down the road.

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