(Food Careers) – Food holds a great power to fuel athletes.

Today, Jill talks to Sage Watson, a pro runner, Olympic athlete in 400m hurdles and team Canada relay, who was also raised on a ranch and how she developed a passion for running from a very young age.

Sage talks about the importance of eating fresh whole nutritious food which includes quality beef and that knowing how to fuel her body for optimum performance is part of her job as an athlete.

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She describes what it’s like to be a pro athlete, including the highs and lows, from the injury that could have ended her career to breaking the Canadian record.  Most importantly, Sage describes how knowing what is her purpose and knowing her “why” has been critical to her longevity and ongoing success in the sport of track and field.

She is truly an inspiration and make sure to go cheer her on in Tokyo in 2021.  You will recognize her on the track by her signature red lipstick!!

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