Jill Harvie’s first guest is Olds College graduate Ross Springford from Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada. Ross shares the ins and the outs of building a booming farm store. They talk customer service, product lines, business goals and living out your passion  in growing crops and caring for farm animals.


This well rounded and well spoken farmer, is a highly motivated, intelligent and talented entrepreneur in all things food. His business is the true definition of a gate to plate experience for his customers.

Join Jill Harvie (@brightpasture) as she explores a broad range of fascinating careers from gate to plate with her guests. Food has a great way of bringing people together. Whether your interests lie in food production, manufacturing, retail and food service, cuisine or health and nutrition and more, this is the listening experience for you.

We will dive into what makes these various career options fulfilling, all the while gaining an understanding of how to land and develop a dream job. If you are interested in a new career path or curious about standout vocations from around the globe, join us on this journey.

Job seekers and employers alike can gain valuable insights from this podcast as we feature food career postings and talented available hires on future episodes.

For more information and show notes please visit brightpasture.com.

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