(Growing the Future Podcast) – Can carbon be the solution to climate change? Bill Dorgan of Agri-Trend answers questions about carbon in agriculture and its impact on climate change and farmers.
In this episode of Growing the Future Podcast, Terry Aberhart chats with Bill Dorgan about the benefits of using carbon in agriculture to reduce the impact crops have on the environment and also about tax concerns and other issues associated with using carbon. Bill, born and raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, has an extensive career in agriculture. For the last thirteen years, he’s been part of the carbon and sustainability initiative at Agri Trend.
In this episode, Bill answers the following questions:

Why farmers should consider carbon to help reduce climate change
Can carbon really make a difference in climate change?
How farmers would be affected by the carbon taxes
Will the carbon taxes affect long-term sustainability for farmers?
What’s happening in the market in Alberta implementing the use of carbon?

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