(Growing the Future Podcast) The journey of turning family farming into a successful farming business, and all the stories and struggles in between.
In this fantastic episode, part II of the Family Farm Business, Harvey ( the family patriarch), Dan, Terry, and Holden Aberhart (grandson), continue their conversation about their incredible journey into turning a family farm into a successful farm business.
In this episode, you will learn:

-Terry’s journey, quitting his job to work on the farm full time and taking over the responsibility of growing his family legacy.

-The moment Harvey knew it was time to quit his job at John Deere and join Terry full time on the farm.

-How a devastating event on the farm was the turning point that compelled

-Terry and Harvey into changing their perspective and approach to the farm business.

-How Terry’s determination, drive, and strategic approach has turned the family farm into a successful, profitable business.

-How the family embraces change while keeping their values of hard work and unity.

-Holden’s experiences with his grandfather and dad working on the farm and his plans of taking over the business one day.

-Dan’s rewarding and challenging moments quitting his job to join Harvey and Terry in a new startup, Aberhart Ag Solutions.

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