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.Episode Notes:

In this episode of GTF, Dan chats with Bryce Eger. Bryce is the president of Corteva Agriscience. Corteva provides education and resources to farmers helping them scale their farming practices and business. Bryce is nothing but a rock star when it comes to leadership. His experience, wisdom, and training, in leadership and management, are outstanding and something we could all learn from.

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This is what you will learn in this episode:

-Changes that lead to Corteva being a strong organization with the right mix of talent, product, and future focus.

-Bryce’s experience and advice in merging different companies creating what Corteva is today.

-The biggest skill you need when stepping into a leadership role within an organization.

-Corteva’s approach to the pandemic and what the organization focused on the most during that time.

-Bryce’s advice as to how to effectively communicate your organization’s mission, vision, and purpose with team members.

-What are some of the biggest obstacles Corteva faces in the current market?

-The biggest challenges that farmers are facing right now and how to overcome them.

-Bryce’s opinion on how the farming industry will look in ten years.

-The unavoidable carbon sequestration and it will impact and benefit farmers.

-Corteva’s approach to mental health in the workplace

-Bryce shares one of his habits for excellence.
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