(Farming Smarter) – This week Dan has an insightful and genuine chat with Jake Leguee, CEO of Leguee farms. They dive into the struggles farmers face, including one of the biggest challenges, the weather.

Jake farms in Southeast Saskatchewan with his wife, his parents, his older sister, and his brother-in-law, Eric.

They seed a variety of crops, which vary from year to year, but generally consist of canola, wheat, durum, peas, soybeans, flax, and lentils. They rotate crops as much as they can manage from year to year, always keeping integrated pest management in mind.

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In this episode you will learn about:

-Family dynamic and all that is involved in managing a family farm.

-The nuts and bolts of having an advisory board and why ever farmer who doesn’t have one might want to run out and get one.

-Different strategies and outlooks on farm growth and planning.

-The ongoing struggles of farming and how to persevere through them.

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