(Growing the Future Podcast) – In this episode of Growing the Future Podcast, Dan chats with Jason McNamee. Jason is the Chief Product Officer and Senior geoscientist at Lucent Bioscience. Lucent BioSciences delivers Soileos: a sustainable, non-leaching micronutrient fertilizer for agriculture… in other words, Soileos is the bomb.


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In this episode you will learn:

-What is Soileos and what makes it different from synthetic fertilizers?

-How this proprietary technology came about and why it’s so effective

-The million-dollar question: what is the benefit for farmers?

-The technology and workings behind synthetic fertilizers.

-The importance of understanding the microbiome in the soil

-Deep understanding of what’s happening in the soil and why farmers need to preserve it

-The similarities between the microbiomes in the human body and the microbiomes in the soil

-How is the product delivered to farmers?

-Bonus: Jason’s entrepreneurial advice on startups
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