Alberta Barley has received nearly 315-thousand dollars from the Federal Government through its Agri-Marketing Program.

The announcement came at Alberta Barley’s Annual General Meeting in Banff

The funding will be used by Alberta Barley to increase the industry’s capacity to market barley products to meet the growing demand for healthy foods.

In a statement, Chairman Matt Sawyer says this investment will give us the tools we need, adding this program will allow them to build up the food barley industry and get word out about a healthy and delicious local grain.

Market Development Manager and food spokesperson, Linda Whitworth says their goal is to work with health professionals around the world to get the word out about this homegrown superfood.

The Agri-Marketing program is a five-year 341 million dollar program under the Federal Government’s Growing Forward 2 initiative.

Alberta Barley’s national Go-Barley campaign is into its second year after a new food claim approved by Health Canada in 2012, which concluded daily consumption of barley helps to reduce blood cholesterol, a risk factor for heart disease.