Alberta (Rural Roots Canada)—It’s an exciting time of year in the 4-H world as members show off the projects they have worked on all year.

We stopped into the Newell District 4-H Show and Sale in Brooks and 4-H on Parade in Calgary in the last week to chat with 4-Hers about their projects and how the program will shape their futures.

Nora Johnson from the South Slope Club says she has learned a lot through her steer Marvin, an Angus Hereford Cross.

“Through 4-H, you gain a lot of skills. One is managing money, learning how to do books, doing your record books is really good for that,” sasy Johnson.

She says 4-Hers learn a lot about being independent.

“Having a project that’s your own to take care of, something that is your responsibility. It also helps you develop really good skills with people as you have to work with people, and public speaking is also a really big one. A lot of people are really scared of public speaking, and 4-H is really good for that to help you get over that.”

Johnson says there is a lot of collaboration and support within their club.

“I like our club because everyone always builds each other up, no one tears each other down, everyone always is very encouraging, and it’s a really good and supportive environment to be in.”

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Elle Groeneveld from the Balzac Beef Club says she has learned a lot through her steer and heifer projects this year.


She says responsibility and accountability are the biggest lessons she has learned.

“No matter how tired you are, the cattle have to be fed. No matter how hungry you are, the cattle have to be fed and taken care of. So you learn a lot about getting up at the right time, being a part of a club in a community and just doing everything you can to keep what’s happening on track and using time management to the best of your abilities.”

Megan Machan, who is also from the Balzac Beef Club, says her time in 4-H has really helped her public speaking and writing skills.

“Especially when I was writing my 4-H speech. I practiced it a lot, and I find that I’m a lot more confident, especially speaking in front of people and leading other people in group activities.”

Machan says it has taught her life management skills on how to stick to a schedule and build good habits.

4-H Show and Sales typically start in late May and run through most of June.

To see a list of all the Show and Sales going on in Alberta, click here.

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