Calgary (Rural Roots Canada) – Students will once again be front and centre at an annual conference about livestock care and welfare.

Alberta Farm Animal Care’s Livestock Care Conference is taking place virtually March 15 to the 17.

This year’s theme will be PREP for Livestock Emergencies (Plan, Respond, Evaluate, Progress) making it timely in the wake of the wildfires and floods that happened in B.C. last year.

Executive Director Annemarie Pedersen says they are excited to once again have the students join them.

“We have sponsors from the industry, and they’re really excited about helping the students when they get into the program,” Pedersen said.

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Pedersen says The Meet the Experts program is always a great experience for all involved.

“The Meet the Experts program is sort of like speed dating for students and mentors. So there’s a real energy in the room, usually when it’s in person and we’re really hoping to capture that and bring that to the students this year.”

Students have used the program to get a good start on their careers.

“People have gotten jobs out of that program, people have found career and lifelong mentors out of that program. There’s a real connection since we’re all interested in livestock welfare and livestock.  The livestock sector and agriculture when we come to this meeting and there’s a real synergy that happens.”

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She recognizes that synergy is an overused word, but there is a lot of excitement around the event.  There is a hope that they can continue that feeling and mood in this new virtual format that they are trying out this year.

The deadline for students to apply is Friday, February 25.

Students who register will also get full registration for the conference.

For more information and to register click here.

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