New website aims to grow barley consumer awareness

The Alberta Barley Commission has launched in an effort to promote barley to consumers.

Barley is one of the newest super-foods after receiving heart – healthy status from Health Canada last year.

The commission’s Linda Whitworth tells Rural Roots Canada the website pushes barley to the consumer in a way not done before.

“It has recipes, it has an interactive portion where consumers can ask questions and get them answered.  It has a place where they can post their own barley recipes as well we plan on having guest bloggers talking about the beer industry lots of different and interesting things to make barley the foremost thought in the consumer’s mind,” says Whitworth.

Whitworth says it was about time someone promoted the crop in this way.

“With the health claim that we received last July that barley is good for you the time is right to find out a little bit more about barley. We are the only barley commission in the country and so we feel we need to lead the charge in getting people to find out about barley and social media is the way to go.” will also soon have features for the food service industry and teachers.

All of the cooking videos on the website were shot and edited by Rural Roots Canada.


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