Richardson VP talks changes in Cdn. ag industry


Changes are happening at a break neck pace in the Canadian agriculture industry.   Richardson International’s  Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, and General Counsel Jean-Marc Ruest sat down with Rural Roots Canada to talk about these unprecedented changes and how they are good for all producers.

Ruest says the industry has never before seen the number of changes it has in such a short time-frame making it unique.

“The combination of the change both at the regulatory level; the Canadian Wheat Board, the Canadian Grain Commission and the rail review then layer on Glencore’s acquisition of Viterra with additional assets being picked up Agrium and Richardson makes this unique,” said Ruest.

Ruest is quick to point out the large changes should not be intimidating for farmers because it has resulted in more attention.

“I think this is big for farmers because of the level of attention the government is giving to agricultural issues.”  “Agriculture is at the level it ought to be in public policy and then the level of interest coming from Richardson, Agrium and Glencore who are willing to invest the dollars in the Canadian ag industry for farmers in this country has to be a sign as to the strength and optimism on the industry.


Update on Richardson’s acquisition of Viterra assets

The wheels continue to turn in the deal which will see Richardson acquire some of the assets of Viterra, which was acquired by Glencore last year.   Richardson International’s Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, and General Counsel Jean-Marc Ruest tells Rural Roots Canada they are continuing to work with Viterra.

“We are working to close their part of the transaction, we’re doing good progress and hope to be in a position to close it soon,” said Ruest.  He adds there are a lot of moving parts so it is hard to be more specific than that.

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