In this RRC Podcast, Craig Lester talks one on one with Alberta Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier about 2018.

There was plenty to quiz Oneil Carlier on when it came to 2018 and what’s in store for 2019.

The Ag Minister reflected on a lot including:

– This year’s growing season, which included a delayed planting and harvest due to snow and rain.

– The wait for and announcement of the U.S., Mexico and Canada Trade Agreement that will replace NAFTA and the concerns he is hearing on the matter from farmers in the supply management sector.

– What the new Canadian Agriculture Partnership agreement means for Alberta.

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– How the railway companies have been performing in term of getting grain to market.

– What the recent purchase of grain cars by the province will mean for shipping of grain.

– The implementation of the Local Food Sector Act, which set standards for organic food and established a local food council.

– And the results of a trade mission to India.

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