CALGARY (RURAL ROOTS CANADA) – In this podcast we talk to some of the stars of Real Farm Lives.

Norm Englot and his daughter Madison from Montmartre, Saskatchewan as well as Chris Renwick from Wheatley, Ontario.

– Introduction to their families and farm operations.

– What it was like to have a film crew follow them around while they did their chores.

– Responsibility of farmers to tell consumers who they are as farm families.

– Bridging the gap between consumers and producers.

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We also talk to Pierre Petelle the President and CEO of CropLife Canada, the organization behind Real Farm Lives.

– Survey from Canadian Centre for Food Integrity, which show 93 per cent of Canadian know little to nothing about farmers.

– How consumers will connect with these farm families.

– How long it took to put together the video series.

– How excited these farm families were to take part in this initiative.

To see the video series click here.

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