150 millennials, made up of 75 consumers and 75 producers from across Alberta will sit down and break bread together on Thursday and talk about the who, what, where, when, how and why of producing food.

ATB Financial is hosting the event called ‘Meet in the Middle’ at the Willow Lane Barn in Olds.

It’s just one of many events taking place across the country as part of Canada’s Agricultural Day.

ATB’s Terry Andryo says it’s is so important that when we talk about agriculture we start the conversation by talking about food.

“I don’t think if we started with the agricultural premise that we would get as much uptake, but certainly when you start with food there is a lot more interest,” says Andryo adding, “I think there is a lot more interest with people about food and the sharing of content.”

He says this event is a great place for farmers and people working in the agriculture industry to clear up any misconceptions consumers may have on how food is produced.

Andryo says ‘Meet in the Middle’ is an extension of their ‘A Seat At Our Table’ initiative.

“We’re full and we’ve got a list that’s waiting.  We’ve probably got another 20 to 25 people waiting on that list to get in those are strong indicators that the program is successful.”

Andryo says they chose to invite millennials to this event because they have the greatest opportunity to make change in the way food is produced in the future.