The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and the company, which owns the Weather Network have sat down and discussed a controversial tweet, which surfaced last week saying people could save the planet if they consumed less beef.

During a phone call on Monday, the CCA says it conveyed the high level of concern expressed by beef producers across the country over the weekend to Pelmorex Corp.

The video, which was released in a tweet last Thursday, was based on a new report from the World Resources Institute.

The CCA and beef producers have voiced their concern that this is an inaccurate depiction of global beef production.

The association says they set out in the phone call to provide balanced, fact-based information on the role cattle play in sustaining the environment, natural ecosystems, and biodiversity and to try and build a relationship with the Weather Network.

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In a statement, the CCA says the Weather Network was receptive to learn about the Canadian beef industry’s sustainability and conservation efforts adding that the meeting was a productive first step towards collaborating on sharing information, with an emphasis on Canadian beef production practices for future reporting.

It says it is looking forward to connecting with their industry partners in conversation and research with The Weather Network.

The CCA says the beef industry accounts for 2.4 per cent of national emissions and 0.04 of global emissions and that the beef industry provides many positive contributions to the environment, such as maintaining grasslands, sequestering carbon and increasing biodiversity and wildlife habitat, all on lands mostly unsuitable for other purposes.

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