Thinking about grain marketing year – round to improve your revenues.

Mike Witkowicz is the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Saskatoon based Ag Exchange.

He says a lot of attention doesn’t get paid to grain marketing during the shows and tours during the summer, a trend he hopes to change with RRC Ag Days in Airdrie, Rolling Hills and Fort Macleod next month.

“Overall as an industry, we hasn’t spent a lot of time on marketing ourself,” says Witkowicz.

“If I look at booths or participants from any of the major shows in North America to the smaller shows there hasn’t been a lot of talks on summer marketing and getting people to think of summer marketing and cash flow management and revenues 12-months of the year.”

That’s what prompted him to write a blog titled: Why are farm shows dominated by agronomy and iron? No seriously – I’m asking.

“So how do we incorporate what’s being grown and these summer tours, but have a grain marketing twist.”

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He hopes this gets people thinking when they are out surveying their crops.

“What’s that field going to yield, well it looks like it is going to come off thin, what are some options as to movement from October through to the following year.”

He says he has had a lot of agreement from farmers that they need to think about grain marketing year-round, the trick now is to move it to action.

“Events like we’re having with Rural Roots Canada in Alberta this summer they’re exciting because this is where we move from just talking to action we can discuss the ideas of grain marketing as a 12-month a year a plan.”

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