Grazing practices, grain marketing strategies, animal nutrition, succession planning, and much more will be featured at the upcoming Rural Roots Canada Ag Day in Fort Macleod on February 11.

The event is being put on with partners Foothills Forage and Grazing, MD of Willow Creek, MD of Pincher Creek and the Ag Exchange Group.

Event organizer Craig Lester says the upcoming event will include international renowned grazing expert Jim Gerish.

“Jim Gerish is making the trip up from Idaho to share his expertise on grazing practices to help farmers operations,” Lester said.

“Gerish is well-known around the world as a consultant who provides help to farmers and ranchers on five different continents. He is also an instructor University of Idaho’s Lost River Grazing Academy held annually near Salmon ID. He typically speaks at 20 to 25 producer oriented workshops, seminars, and field days around the US and Canada each year.”

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Lester says producers in attendance will also get plenty of grain marketing tips from Mike Witkowicz from the Ag Exchange Group.

“To have Mike and the Ag Exchange Group back for another RRC Ag Day is incredible, their support has been second to none.

Witkowicz has 20 years of experience in grain handling and crop inputs.

“He always has great insight with what is going on and how farmers can get themselves ahead by thinking about grain marketing 360 days of the year. We also have experts on several other topics, including animal nutrition, succession planning, and the Advancing Ag program as well.”

He adds the great thing about these events is some of the money of the day goes towards non-profits.

“I think this is the best part of the events; these events give us a chance to give back to non-profits in the community, keep farmers money in their community by using the facilities they use ever-day.”

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To date, the RRC Ag Days have raised over $12,500 for non-profits and in local economic spending.

Lester says he really enjoys seeing the networking that takes place during the events bringing the speakers and farmers together to share ideas on farming practices and management strategies.

The event is being held at the Fort Macleod Community Hall starting at 8 a.m.

RRC Ag Days in 2020 are being held in Fort Macleod on Tuesday, February 11; Grande Prairie on Tuesday, June 23; Yorkton, Monday, July 20; Rolling Hills, July 23; and Smithers, Tuesday, October 20.