Melissa grew up in Montreal, and completed a degree in Hotel Management.  She used this degree to work and travel the world.  This is how she discovered her passion for food, nutrition and cooking.  Melissa obtained her Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition to become a Registered Dietitian. She is dedicated to helping people, which has always shown through her continuous community involvement, both locally and globally.

What is important to Melissa?

That people have the education and tools required to live a healthier lifestyle.  She is a proud nutrition advocate and strong believer in preventing and treating medical conditions with healthy living education and specifically tailored diets.  Melissa believes that real health starts with real food, and not only should it be easy, it should be tasty and fun too!

Melissa’s 1st cookbook project –
Photography & Cooking

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Her business called Healthy Thymes Nutrition is multi-faceted, recently she used her creativity in photography and culinary skills to develop the Copeman Cooks Fall cookbook.

Melissa offers virtual consulting online and in person, if you are interested in hearing more contact her directly.

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Bridging the gap between communities. Melissa makes a great point in Episode #3, where we explore the importance of her visit to my farm. Somehow by encouraging more professionals in the area of nutrition to visit with farmers and visa versa we can help communications and build a greater understanding of the story behind our food. After all, we are all in the same business just at opposite ends of the spectrum. We must encourage our counterparts to get to know each other and learn from each other. We had the best day, learning, laughing and best of all surrounded by nature and animals.

Continuous learning is an important avenue to growing our minds. I challenge my friends in the Food business to get to know other professionals involved in food. Together we can build stronger communities and long lasting friendships. #Foodcareers

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